The Great Hall

During the $3m restoration process, great care was taken to preserve and honour the past as we applied the necessary upgrades to transform the Civic Centre into Golden’s dedicated performing arts and cultural space. Audiences immediately feel at home in the warmth and grandeur of the vaulted timber frame hall. Performing artists delight in the intimate acoustics and easy rapport they feel with their audience.

The Great Hall can accommodate two types of gatherings. The first use is theatrical: a concert hall with full lighting and stage production services. In this theatrical format, your rental includes the hall, the café area, the sprung floor stage and full theatrical lighting services plus backstage amenities including the Green Room and dressing rooms. For theatrical shows hall seating is flexible; chairs and tables (round, rectangle, café) can be arranged to suit your event. Capacity for concerts in row seating is 300. For banquets, table seating maximum is approximately 240.

The café area at the back of the hall is outfitted with an industrial cooler, counters and sinks to serve as a bar area for light food and drinks service. A prep kitchen on the lower floor is available for caterers. Theatrical events using the stage, the theatrical lighting, and/or the grand piano will be required to use a paid staff technician. Please consult with our coordinator.

If you don’t need the full stage and backstage area, the hall is a welcoming space for a variety of social gatherings, presentations, and meetings. With this rental you get use of all the space in front of the red stage soma pills online curtain. These gatherings take place with the house lights and natural window light. If you wish theatrical lighting for your social gathering or meeting, discuss this possibility with our coordinator for fees.

Visitors enter from the main doors and pass through the foyer into the Great Hall. The foyer has access to modern washroom facilities with stairs and elevator to the Conference Room, kitchen and other rooms on the lower floor. The art exhibit GOLDEN. We Call This Home. beautifully enhances the foyer walls.


Concert seating capacity is 300. Banquet table seating capacity is 240 approx.
Green Room and dressing rooms
Located on the lower floor beneath the stage, two dressing rooms with full washroom and shower facilities and mirror spaces are connected to a Green Room equipped with comfy seating, fridge and sink facilities. The Green Room connects to the backstage via stairs or via elevator to the front of house.
PA/Sound System
The hall does not have a house sound system for concert performances. Third-party contractors supply the necessary equipment and technical services. A small portable system suitable for a speaker in a small meeting is available on site. Please speak to our coordinator.
Theatrical Lights
The hall has in-house theatrical lights and dimmer controls which can also be augmented with LED systems. For full information speak with our Coordinator.
Grand Piano
Our Yamaha C3 6′ piano was purchased with funds donated by a Golden family. In addition to enabling us to attract top class performers to play the instrument, the donation agreement stipulates that the Civic Centre and the piano is available at no cost to piano teachers and their students. Please Contact Us and speak with the Coordinator.


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